Plan for the Summer! -World Heritage- Mt. Fuji Sunrise Trekking for 2 Days

For all the trekking lovers, the summit of Mt. Fuji is open for trekkers only summer.

Mt. Fuji, or Fujisan, one of the most beautiful divine mountains in Japan. It is even designated officially as precious assets of UNESCO World Heritage as “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”.

People, either as religious or as prayers, have been climbing Mt. Fuji for last 8 centuries, and now it became a fine trekking activity opened for any one.

Especially the climbing the summit and to view sunrise from there are one of the must things to do in lifetime for many of Japanese, of course including myself. If you go experiencing it, I will simply envy that.

The upper half of Mt. Fuji opens limited time in year, only from early July to Middle of September. If you are visiting Japan in Summer, why not to join the one night trekking for hitting the highest land in Japan and allow the sunrise take your breath away?

Just pack up some provisions and trekking wear&gear in your backpack and go to Shinjuku, Tokyo where the 2 days tour starts. All the rest will be guided and provided by the tour. You’ll get refreshed by soaking in a hot spring bath on the way back.

Check the tour schedules and details at
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Check out more information for your preparation

Official Web Site for Mt. Fuji Climbing

by Council for the Promotion of the Proper Use of Mt. Fuji (Ministry of the Environment)
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Basic essential information for a safe Mt. Fuji ascent

Mt. Fuji is a charming mountain but should not be taken lightly. Please gather ample information prior to climbing.


  • Mt. Fuji is truly a “mountain climb.” Please be well-equipped.
  • Particularly important provisions are as follows.
    • Warm clothing is essential.(Even in the summer, temperatures at the summit often fall below 0° C)
    • Mountain climbing rain gear (tops and bottoms), headlamp
    • Water (though water can be purchased at mountain huts, some descending trails, including the Yoshida Trail, do not have water for sale. Be sure you do not use up all of your water supply on your ascent.)


Mt. Fuji Explorer

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I don’t have experience of mountain climbing at all.Can I still try?

A lot of people try Mount Fuji climbing every year, and many of them have no previous experience of mountain climbing. You can climb if you have average physical strength. What determine your success or failure more are your belongings (equipment) and weather. Because daring to climb in rain or strong wind is dangerous, you also need to have the courage to pull back. Keep in mind secure climbing at a slow pace.

I’m worried about altitude sickness

Everyone has the possibility of getting altitude sickness. Even those who are accustomed to mountains could get it when not feeling well. In order to not get it, it’s important to keep yourself fit and depart after conditioning yourself by spending more than 30 minutes at the fifth station. Never try to walk when you’re sleepy. If you feel any symptoms of altitude sickness, such as headache and nausea, climb down as soon as possible.