Kids Travel Max Combo! Meet Characters in Hotel and Park

What fun for kids are apparently not very same as ones for adults. To be honest, kids do not care “Japanese style” or “oriental” or “gourmet” or what adults expect on traveling, but they need an excitement. It may be amusement parks, or to meet his/her favourite whatever.. For us adults, it is sometime necessary to restrain ourselves from our “selfish motives” in order to allow kids more happiness.

I believe many kids go into raptures when they go meet some cartoon characters in an amusement park and return to a hotel room where the same characters welcome you.

How about below combinations for your kids?


Meet Thomas and Friends!

Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is one of the most popular amusement park in Japan. People come to find scary coasters and haunted house, and of course characters attractions in many ways.

From children to adult, anyone can enjoy in this amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. If you are a roller coaster lover, this is definitely the place you must visit. The park attractions have been recorded on Guinness Book over 10 times, and the park keeps challenging evolution.

The famous Thomas Land is opened first in the world, even 10 years earlier than one in UK, kids enjoy meeting Thomas and his friends here since 1998. Get ride on Thomas, Harold, Bulstrode and more!

HIGHLANDRESORT HOTEL AND SPA 富士急オフィシャルホテル ハイランドリゾート ホテル&スパ

Highland Resort Hotel and Spa is a Fuji-Q Highland Official Hotel. As it is the closest hotel to the park, ideal accommodation to plan playing attractions as long as you want.

They also ready special benefits for the guests.

  1. Free admission to Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park (Guests will have to pay for each attractions separately or purchase a Free Pass at the Front Desk)
  2. Priority admission to Fuji-Q Highland (30 minutes before regular opening)
  3. Free admission to Fujiyama Onsen
  4. Free admission to Fujiyama Museum
  5. Free parking
  6. >> More details in FAQ (via Google Translate Web)

Thomas room is specially made for the Thomas lovers. It’s a special room, reservation should be made only by phone, but you should expect there’s no vacancy for next several month.


Say Hello! to Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends

Sanrio Puroland 

Sanrio Puroland is a perfect place for small girls. Of course boys enjoy, too, if your boy knows Hello Kitty and willing to play with Sanrio characters. For us adults, it was said kind of boring some years ago but looks like Puroland made a big evolution, you can expect shows and parades satisfactory. Well, are you a Kitty Lover? Then this place is a dream world!

Keio Plaza Hotel  京王プラザホテル

Kitty Rooms are waiting for you in Keio Plaza Hotels. One is located at Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, perfect base for your exploring Tokyo, and it is only 30 ~ 50 minutes by train to Tama Center station for Sanrio Puroland. Further more, you can also take a shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Land & Disney Sea from this hotel, good option for kids trip, isn’t it?

The other one is in front of Tama Center station, only 5 minutes walk to Sanrio Puroland. You can enjoy at Puroland from opening to closing. When you are visiting Sanrio Puroland, you get to try the Kitty Room in these hotels, too.

< Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo >

< Keio Plaza Hotel Tama >


Mickey Mouse? My Fave is Chip ‘n Dale!

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is consisted by Tokyo Disney Land, Disney Sea and other facilities including 4 official hotels. The most dreamy wonderland in Japan. Disney Sea is likely targeting couples and teen agers/adults. Disney Land must be more fun for small kids. ( For good example, restaurants in Disney Land do not provide alcohol but ones in Disney Sea do )

May be you can guess how crowded the park is, or it may be beyond your guessing. People queuing up popular attractions 1 ~ 1.5 hours or even longer. You better plan well before visiting there. Avoid vacation seasons and holidays of Japanese. Attractions are less crowded while parade is marching.

Disney Ambassador Hotel / Tokyo Disneyland Hotel  ディズニーアンバサダーホテル / 東京ディズニーランドホテル

2 hotels out of 4 official Disney Resort hotels have character rooms, which are Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disney Land Hotel. Between those two hotels, the character rooms in Disney Ambassador Hotel are said more attractive. Further more, hotel restaurant Chef Mickey is a restaurant where Disney characters come to see you and greet you at your table. Chef Mickey is a master piece however you better make the reservation one month ahead. Breakfast is only open for Disney Ambassador Hotel guests, it is another reason you better stay at Disney Ambassador Hotel over other hotels.

< Character Rooms in Disney Ambassador Hotel >

Mickey Mouse Room
Minnie Mouse Room
Donald Duck Room
Chip ‘n Dale Room
Stitch Room

< Character Rooms in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel >

Disney’s Tinker Bell Room
Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Room
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Room
Disney’s Cinderella Room