Plan for the Summer! Best Hotels to View Fire Works

Fire works is one of the hottest event every summer. Most of them come along with some kind of festivals.

If you don’t mind to blend in to overcrowd people, you can go to the best viewing spot. Yes, watching hanabi the fire works closer is super exciting, just like enormous drums being stroke in front of you. Festival and hanabi at same night, how wonderful. If you plan to go festive fire works locations, check out this web site for your preparation >> How to Enjoy Japan’s Fireworks to the Fullest by Tsunagu Japan

Instead, you may enjoy fire works from below listed hotels or ryokans. Stay calm in safe place while dipping in the most beautiful night in Japan. But please understand, not all guest  rooms are facing to fire works. You need to make sure with the accommodation that you want to stay in a room with fire works view. Or perhaps, it’d be a good idea to ask the hotel or ryokan if they themselves recommend to see hanabi from their venue.

Hanabi fans start planning and booking the hotels from April or May as soon as their favourite hanabis are announced its schedule. But for you the traveler, be aware of any change of the schedule, by wether or whatever.


Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (Tokyo) 隅田川花火退会

Official web site: English Guidance

Date: Sat. July 29, 2017

The view is just amazing as it is not only about the big and colorful fireworks in the sky but the cultural aspects of the surroundings with traditional houseboats on the river and the Tokyo Skytree in the background.  ( by Tsunagu Japan )

Asakusa View Hotel 浅草ビューホテル

Directly connected from Asakusa Station / Tsukuba Express Line
7 minutes on foot from Tawaramachi Station / Subway Ginza Line
10 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Toei Asakusa Line
10 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Tobu Line

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Asakusa Hotel Hatago 浅草ホテル旅籠

2 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Subway Toei Asakusa Line

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The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by HULIC  ザ・ゲートホテル雷門

2 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Toei Asakusa or Ginza Subway lines

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Hotel Hokke Club Asakusa  法華クラブ浅草

* Better price!

3 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Toei Asakusa subway line

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Dormy Inn Express Asakusa  展望大浴場 あさひ湯 ドーミーインEXPRESS浅草

* Better price!

1 minute on foot from Asakusa Station / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
3 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Tobu Line
5 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / Toei Asakusa Line

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Tenjin Matsuri (Osaka)  天神祭奉納花火

Official web site: Tenjin Matsuri

Date: Tue. July 25, 2017

” This fireworks festival has been around for more than 1000 years and this is considered as one of the top 3 biggest matsuri festivals in the whole of Japan.  ( by Tsunagu Japan )

Imperial Hotel Osaka 帝国ホテル 大阪

*Imperial Hotel Osaka offers river boat cruise for the fire works in Tenjin Festival. The Fire works view from the hotel dining and guest rooms are also granted high reputation.
>> Imperial Hotel Osaka

5 minutes on foot from Sakuramachi Station / JR Osaka Loop Line

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Osaka Riverside Hotel 大阪リバーサイドホテル

2 minutes on foot from Sakuranomiya Station / JR Osaka Loop Line
10 minutes on foot Miyakojima Station Exit 2 / Subway

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Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival (Osaka)  なにわ淀川花火大会

Official web site: なにわ淀川花火大会(Japanese only)

Date: Sat. August 5, 2017

As the background of the high-rise buildings of the Yodogawa and Umeda, fireworks will beat luxuriously!
Every year, I can enjoy a new production in line with the theme,

Fireworks that open on the semicircle to the Yodo River, continuous launch of Ootama ,

Character fireworks with various motifs, etc.,

Highlights full mark. About 20,000 fireworks will color the night sky in Osaka.
( by via Google iTools )

Hilton Osaka  ヒルトン大阪

2 minutes on foot from Osaka Station / JR

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Hotel Plaza Osaka ホテルプラザオーサカ

5 minutes on foot from Juso Station / Hankyu Railway

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Hotel Hankyu International ホテル阪急インターナショナル

3 minutes on foot from Umeda Station / Hankyu Railway

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Miyajima Fireworks Festival  宮島花火大会

Official web site: 宮島観光協会

Date: Sat. August 26, 2017

The fireworks are best viewed from around Itsukushima Shrine, and when combined with the shrine’s giant torii gate make up one of Japan’s most iconic firework scenes that regularly ranks as one of the top spots for photographers in Japan.  ( by )

Miyajima Morinoyado Inn  国民宿舎みやじま杜の宿

* Miyajima Morinoyado is located in Miyajima Island very close to the fire works site. It is apparently the best accommodation to view the fire works from.

Take a ferry from near by Miyajima-guchi Station / JR Sanyo Main Line to Miyajima Port, and from the port of Miyajima it is about 30 min. on foot or 5 min. by taxi.

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Aki Grand Hotel  安芸グランドホテル

* Aki Grand Hotel stands on the mainland coast line just opposite to the Miyajima fire works site. It is the best hotel if you view the fire works from main land side. >> Aki Grand Hotel promotion page ( translated)

15 minutes on foot from Miyajima-guchi Station / JR Sanyo Main Line
15 minutes on foot from Miyajima-guchi Station / Hiroshima Dentetsu Miyajima Line

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