Hello dear travellers.

Myself, in 2010.

Myself had spent lots of time in travelling in my 20’s. Most of it was being a backpacker or push-biker. If you had such travel experience you would know a number of people willing to help you, feed you, give you a hand, and this warm world makes the travelling golden shiny.

Now it is my turn to give little support to travellers who visiting my home country Japan. I will share some info&tips, based on my faves though, for you to try or visit. In case this web site helps you a bit, it will be my great pleasure.

Conditions on using this web site

This web site is made for introducing other useful web sites that helpful for travellers. In other words, any service you participate through this site is not “my service”. You have to check well the terms&conditions of each service providers. Kindly admit any risk  at your own. Even if I suggest web translation service, I will not take any responsibility that caused by incorrect translation or whatever. Thank you for your understanding. Wishing you a great journey where ever you go!